Community Involvement

Our priorities include collecting and donating:



Throughout the years the Pasadena Women’s Club hosts fundraisers to raise and donate money directly to different organizations in Pasadena including:

To learn more about our fundraising events, please visit our Events page.


The Women’s Club of Pasadena provides several educational, nursing, and music scholarships for Pasadena City College Students every year. In order to earn these scholarships, students must prove their commitment to their education and willingness to serve their community.

We are proud to support the amazing students in the community of Pasadena.

If you believe that you may qualify for a Pasadena Women’s Club Scholarship, please Contact Us.


In order to bring the community together, the Pasadena Women’s Association holds yearly art and writing contests for both children and adults.  Every year has a different theme and it is always an exciting event to see what people from the community create.

If you would like to learn more or would like to participate, please visit our Events Page.

Are you interested in becoming a part of the legacy and tradition that is the Pasadena Woman’s Club?

Visit our Membership Page and see what you can contribute to our beautiful city of Pasadena.

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