The Pasadena’s Women’s Club was organized in 1912 by Mrs. Averill Daniells.

Feeling the need for a woman’s organization in a small community, which at the time was called Lamanda Park, a small group of women banded together and formed the Auxiliary of the Board of Trade.

The name was later changed to the Lamanda Park Woman’s Club and was eventually incorporated into the Pasadena Woman’s Club.

The first president was the founder, Mrs. Averill Daniells, and the first officers were Mrs. Ralph White, Mrs. J.Q. Adams, and Mrs. L. Birdsey.

Originally, the group had only a dozen members, however, through the years, it has grown.

In 1917 the club joined the General Federation of Women’s Clubs and in 1946 it joined the California Federation of Women’s Clubs.

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